About Us

We are a super small program in souther Californina. We have lived here in the San Diego and Murrieta area pretty much our whole lives. We breed Boxers for many years. I Saw a Labradoodles at the Mall one day and dropped to the ground so that I could touch him. For the next couple years I would text pictures of doodles to Mark pretty much everyday. I finally found the doodle for me and lucky for us he was less then 3 miles away. Thank you Fristoe Family Labradoodles for making my dreams come true.  A couple glitches in life and here we are the gratefully happy owners of BEAN....  Last New Years Eve we got to bring home one of Beans babies OZZY. Once again we fell in love with this breed. How can you have just one Doodle? We have made some amazing friends and have had many Beautiful Beanie Babies.